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Easter Sunday 2022

1 Corinthians 15:1-4


Speaker 2: You take your Bibles, you have them turn to the book of First Corinthians, First Corinthians chapter number 15. Many, many people that we could recognize this morning and welcome to our service, but I did want to welcome Mrs. Phelps and her whole family is here and Mrs. Phelps, whose husband was the pastor of our church many, many years ago. And what did you tell them? It's been two years since she's been able to be here for a service. And so we're glad to have her. I miss Rose and Ron and miss Nancy and the whole whole group here and glad that you are able to join us here this morning. Before we get into the message, I did need to share. It is

Speaker 5: a bit of sad

Speaker 2: news, but given the subject matter today, it's also cause for celebration. Last night, brother Kenny Bakan passed away and he is spending Easter with his savior this year and brother Kenny Bacon. Many of you knew him and loved him. Ninety six years old, he would have been ninety seven. This July was a World War Two vet, fought in the Pacific and was a man whose life was absolutely transformed by the gospel. It was a year before he got saved that brother Kenny Bacon very well could have died. He was stabbed and knife missed his heart by less than an inch. And God spared his life in the next year, I believe it was his wife's sister invited him to a revival service here at the Baptist Tabernacle. She came, I think it was on a Tuesday night and got saved and told her husband he knew he needed to come with her. And so I'm not telling you anything that he wouldn't have told you himself. He went out to the backyard where he had his alcohol, finished off the bottle, threw it on the ground, went to church and got saved. And when it was best, he got safe. She left her cigarets on the altar, or the Kenny went home and threw them away and just completely changed. They were not

Speaker 5: renovated. They were not,

Speaker 2: you know, cleaned up. God transformed their life. And Brother Kenny is up in heaven today right now, celebrating on the streets of gold with Jesus. And so we're happy for him. But of course, we we sorrow with the family. So please be in prayer for Miss Bessie and Ron and Carol and miss Brenda and just pray that God will give them strength. The Holy Spirit would show himself strong during this time in their lives, and that God would use his testimony to draw people to him. And so we love Miss Bessie and Brother Kenny, and we're gonna miss him a lot. I was there for a couple of hours after the Easter egg hunt yesterday, and last summer we had brother Kenny Bacon sing a special. He couldn't come up here, the platform. We sat there in the pew and we recorded that, and so we listened to him sing about Jesus there in the room. And so it was a very sweet time. But please pray for them as you think about them.

Speaker 5: Let's all stand. We're going to

Speaker 2: read First Corinthians 15 verse number one, the verse number four. We're going to talk about the hope and the change that that God performed and really in his life and in many people's lives here today. Just looking around knowing some of your testimonies, you've experienced what we're going to see here this morning as well. The Bible says and verse number one. Moreover, brethren,

Speaker 5: I declare unto you the gospel, which I preached unto you and which also you have received and where any stand by which also you are saved by keeping memory. What I preached unto you unless you have believed in vain for I delivered unto you. First of all that which I also received all that Christ

Speaker 2: died for our sins, according to the scriptures that he was buried, that he rose again the third day, according to the Scriptures. Let's pray. Father, we thank you for this day and thank you for the time that we can spend together this morning. Thank you for the occasion. We have to celebrate the work that you did for us on the cross. The power that you displayed when you rose again. God, I pray that you would speak to us this morning. Give me the words you'd have me to say You love the folks that are here to listen and apply what they hear to their lives. Your Holy Spirit, be at work. It's in Jesus name. We ask these things. Amen. You may be seated. Every person in this room, every person in the world, builds their life on a foundation. Every person in this room, every person in the world

Speaker 5: finds security, finds identity,

Speaker 2: finds

Speaker 5: there who they are in different anchor points

Speaker 2: that they attach themselves to

Speaker 5: these things

Speaker 2: that we use to define us. You know, I could say that I am defined as a Texan that would make me not to, you know, likable by some of you.

Speaker 5: I could define myself as a preacher. It's what I do. It's my

Speaker 2: job. And most of us would probably

Speaker 5: use our occupations, our careers as an anchor point to, to stabilize us, to fulfill us, to give us purpose and meaning in this life. It may be a relationship

Speaker 2: that you have.

Speaker 5: Maybe you're defined as by your children, maybe you're defined by your spouse.

Speaker 2: There are many, many things that we use as

Speaker 5: anchor points and we connect ourselves to and we we find stability. We find a foundation, something for us to stand on. A lot of people look around and they will find security in even a political party. You know, if their party is in power, then hey, they feel very stable. A lot of people will find security or stability in the culture in which they live. If culture agrees with them and builds them up and reinforces their their their life's direction will. Then they feel like, OK, well, I've got stability and purpose and meaning. The only problem with these anchor points that I'm I'm relaying to you this morning is that they're all temporal, they're all fleeting, they're all week.

Speaker 2: See, relationships come and they go.

Speaker 5: Even if a relationship last 76 six years, it still will

Speaker 2: come to an end someday. Careers don't last forever. There was a time in your life where you were not defined by your career because you were a child and there are child labor laws. And so you know you could have a career, but there will come a time where you can no longer do the work that you do now.

Speaker 5: There will come a day where I won't be able to

Speaker 2: physically pastor a church.

Speaker 5: My identity is wrapped up in my career. Then what do I do when that's gone? How many of you have dealt with empty nest syndrome?

Speaker 2: Your identity was wrapped up in your time and your investment was attached to the fact that you were a parent? And then that time period ended and it was like, Well, who am I now? The loss of a spouse? I mean, these things, they they are great. They're beautiful, they're wonderful, but they're temporary. Jesus offers us a better way.

Speaker 5: Jesus offers us a better solution, a better foundation, a more sure anchor point for us to attach our lives to for us to build our lives upon. And it's the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Speaker 2: I'm glad you agree it was kind of just you and me, they're out of la worried about the rest of this mess.

Speaker 5: It's the gospel of Jesus Christ is not just something that we hold on to for the future. The gospel of Jesus Christ is not just something that you accepted as a child. The Gospel of Jesus Christ informs our daily living, and I hope to show this to you

Speaker 2: this morning because I can tell you are not convinced.

Speaker 5: But Paul is writing to a people who, like many of us, have already received the gospel. The church there at Corinth was made up of people who were saved, baptized members of a local church. They had already received the gospel. So why is he going back and telling them about it again? Why is he telling people who have already received the gospel, according to verse number one? He says, right, right here, he says, I declare any of the gospel which I preached on to you, which also Ye have received. I've already believed

Speaker 4: it.

Speaker 5: Well, they've already received it. They're not dead, so they don't they're not thinking about when they're going to go to heaven. They're living, they need it right now. They need to be reminded of it just like you, and I need to

Speaker 2: be reminded of it often. It wants them

Speaker 5: to remember that in their life, there was a person that came along who had himself received the gospel. He had heard of Jesus. He had heard the message of forgiveness that God had for him. And he saw Jesus as good as trustworthy, though he didn't understand all that accepting the gospel entailed for his life. He had enough faith in Jesus to

Speaker 2: say, Lord, I give my life to you.

Speaker 5: I give my sins over to you. I place my life in your hands.

Speaker 2: You think about Paul on the road to Damascus.

Speaker 5: He had no idea what his life would. The twists and turns his life would take after receiving Jesus as his savior. After receiving the gospel. Those twists and turns had brought him to the city of

Speaker 2: Corinth, where he had preach the gospel to a city of people

Speaker 5: that had no

Speaker 2: use for the God of Israel, no use for a messiah. They had hundreds of gods. The A.D. preach the gospel, and there were some the who received it. It was received as message. Because of that, it had reaped the benefits of the gospel.

Speaker 5: You see, because of the gospel, they had stability in their lives. He says, I preached it unto you. You received it. And now you stand

Speaker 2: in the gospel in the

Speaker 5: present, not the past, not the future. In the present, you stand in the gospel. You have stability

Speaker 2: because of what Jesus has done.

Speaker 5: The people of our church know that one of the recurring themes in our messages is that the gospel is not just your ticket out of hell.

Speaker 2: The gospel is the power for living a better life with this life that God has given us. The gospel provides a stability that that

Speaker 5: doesn't even begin to be able to be understood by us. You know, we live in a world that that can't make up its mind on anything.

Speaker 4: They can't the weather,

Speaker 5: they can't make up their mind. All humans have anchor points

Speaker 2: from which they derive stability and identity. These are constantly changing. The gospel provides mankind with the only sure and unchanging foundation for our lives. My parents are here and they. If you've ever lived in the North Texas area, you know that the the the ground there expands and contracts horribly.

Speaker 5: And so one of the biggest problems for homes in their area is foundation repair. Their homes are rising and falling as the ground dries out and gets wet. And so you go into these houses and doors stick, they don't close anymore. There's huge cracks in the in the walls and homes are falling apart. Why? Because the foundation wasn't sure.

Speaker 2: So many people in these days are going

Speaker 5: through life with a foundation that that rises and falls with the opinions of of culture.

Speaker 2: God says, I've got a better way.

Speaker 5: He offers us a better life through the gospel of Jesus Christ. We can have stability. The Corinthians had stability in the gospel careers, relationships, cultural morality. All of these things change.

Speaker 2: The gospel of Jesus Christ never changes. Not only did they find stability, but through the gospel, the Corinthians had found salvation. They'd been saved according to the beginning of verse number 22 or verse two. I'm sorry. You know, there are many things that humans need to be saved from clowns Mondays people who stand too close to you when they speak.

Speaker 5: We all are in need of saving the salvation that Paul references. Here is a multifaceted rescue.

Speaker 2: Recipients of the Gospel are certainly rescued from the punishment and power of their sin. Citizens of the Gospel, though, are also saved from a purposeless and unfulfilling life. Gospel infuses us with reason to live. I have a mission for my life.

Speaker 5: I have a purpose for being here. The gospel changes everything about me. It changes my relationships when they're when they're informed by the gospel. It changes my career when it is informed by by the gospel. You see, it doesn't matter whether you're the pastor of a church, whether you're a teller at the bank, whether you're a foreman at the warehouse. The gospel changes the way you relate to your career. No longer is it just about getting a paycheck and providing for your family, though that is important. But your career, your job becomes an outlet for the gospel for you to share what Jesus has done with others the way Paul did with the Corinthians.

Speaker 2: Gospel infuses us with a reason to live.

Speaker 5: The gospel changes my relationship with my spouse because no longer is it just, oh, well, we're in love and we have kids. So yeah, of course we're living together. No, now I understand that this is a picture of the gospel. I'm supposed to live out to act out the gospel

Speaker 2: to my kids. The people that are in my social group, to the strangers that I meet on the street changes my relationship with my spouse gives it new purpose, new reason for

Speaker 5: for for being changes, my relationship with my kids. I'm not just trying to to to raise good athletes. I'm not trying to raise good citizens or good good workers.

Speaker 2: I'm trying to raise disciples of Jesus. Gospel provides us with answers for life's unanswerable questions,

Speaker 5: yes, believers are saved from eternal punishment. I, if you were here a couple of years ago, you

Speaker 2: remember we had an Easter service where I just preached on hell. I pulled it back out. I thought, OK, I'm going to read this again. Surely I'm going to read it and see me like corny because I read some long messages after the fact. I'm like, Wow, that was bad. I was like, who? Glad I'm safe, because if not, I think I'd get saved after this one. Believers are saved from eternal punishment,

Speaker 5: but they're also saved from temporal

Speaker 2: listening, listlessness, listlessness. It's a hard word to say. You say it

Speaker 5: happens when a ship

Speaker 2: loses grip on its anchor point lists, drifts away.

Speaker 5: Too many people out there who are just drifting with whatever the

Speaker 2: waves of life want to do with them through the gospel. We've been saved from this kind of life. This is a miraculous thing.

Speaker 5: The people who live in the power of the gospel have a totally different relationship with life. Yes, we expect a totally different eternity than those who have rejected Jesus. But it's not just out there. It needs to be right now. And when we think about this, yes, I think we can accept a lot of times. OK, yeah, I can see why Jesus could come in. And it doesn't really make sense, but sure. Hopefully, one day he he lets me into heaven because I pray the prayer when I, when I was in

Speaker 2: kindergarten or whatever. But then we think, well, but it really doesn't have much of a bearing on my day to day life because my eternity settled. So now I can just kind of do whatever I want. The gospel informs our day to day life. If you're not familiar with the gospel,

Speaker 5: this part of the message is definitely for

Speaker 2: you. If you are familiar with the gospel you have received, Jesus Christ.

Speaker 5: Then think about how these

Speaker 2: things affect your day to day life. You see, the message of the gospel is unique among the religions of the world.

Speaker 5: It starts with a simple historical fact. Jesus was a historically verifiable person. The information about his death is reliably confirmed. Don't fall into

Speaker 2: the the idea that Jesus was a fictitious character. No, that's that's absolutely not true. No serious historian would even begin to say that Jesus is a fictitious character. The the the

Speaker 5: the the circumstances of his death are also

Speaker 2: verified by history. Not that we need history. We accept the Bible by faith.

Speaker 5: But there is evidence. And then, Paul, if you were to read the rest of this chapter, he goes through and gives

Speaker 4: legally

Speaker 5: reasonable reasons to believe that,

Speaker 2: yes, Jesus rose from the dead.

Speaker 5: He was seen by hundreds of people at once.

Speaker 2: Then the facts of the gospel, though, we don't just read it as history.

Speaker 5: We understand that the gospel gives us

Speaker 2: a philosophy on life.

Speaker 5: The gospel introduces us to a religious system. Religion is not

Speaker 2: a curse word, by the way. It's in the Bible.

Speaker 5: Manmade religion, that's not good.

Speaker 2: But James talks about pure religion. And the gospel, we see a revelation of God who he really is, is not the big man upstairs. He's not some angry Greek titan is a loving, merciful. And yet just and holy god,

Speaker 4: he

Speaker 2: loves you individually, which is

Speaker 5: amazing because in the gospel, we see an unveiling of ourselves. Why did Jesus die? Says in verse number three. Christ died for our sins. You might as well say Christ died for my sins.

Speaker 2: Gospel is a body of ethics. It is morals, philosophies, religion all rolled into one. But it is first a story of something that took place. It's grounded in reality. It is not this ephemeral

Speaker 5: clouds and floaty and harps playing

Speaker 2: thing. You know, that's like a dream sequence. It's concrete. It happened. This is what Paul reminds his readers of

Speaker 5: it versus three three four. Everything that was true in verses one and two stems from what Jesus did in verses three and four. You can be saved today because of what Jesus did for you. And you can have a better way of living

Speaker 2: because of what Jesus did for you. Let's look at it together for a few moments, if you've already received it, then celebrate and apply to your life.

Speaker 5: If you have not received this gospel into your own life, then consider its message today. The first part of this story, the purse. The first fact is that Christ died. Notice doesn't say Jesus died. It says in verse number three,

Speaker 2: Christ died for our sins. Was Jesus unquestionably human? Was he him? Yes. He got tired.

Speaker 5: He experienced limitations.

Speaker 2: He was hungry. Not as hungry as I was in the first service. I had any eat breakfast yet, but now I've eaten and so we may not get out of here till 12:30. I don't know.

Speaker 5: You're hungry. He felt pain when Jesus died. It was 100 percent a painful human death. You see, we needed a human to die for us because it was a human that got us into this mess.

Speaker 2: But it took more than just any man to die for the sins of the world. It took the death of the Christ. Jesus Christ

Speaker 5: is not his

Speaker 2: first and last name is Jesus the Christ.

Speaker 5: He is

Speaker 2: the Messiah. We used to play famous initials in the car when I was a kid, you know, some I would say. And then all the families are saying, was he alive or dead or dead? How did he die? Well, it has to be a yes or no question. You can't. You can't ask that. Was he killed? Yes.

Speaker 5: Abraham Lincoln Hey.

Speaker 2: So I thought maybe at one time I said Jesse. That said Jesse, I was really cool because I was homeschooled. So, you know, that's not true. You guys are so predictable. You laugh at my home school things all the time. Some of our visitors and you're still laughing. I mean, come on. He is the messiah. Jesus held an office that no one else could hold his perfect life,

Speaker 5: his position as the son of God. These things made Jesus worthy of taking our sins upon himself. He did what no one else could do. He did what you could not do for yourself.

Speaker 2: You know, Jesus death was not an accident. It was prophesied. Christ died for our sins, according

Speaker 5: to the Scriptures. God wasn't up in heaven, sending his son down to the earth to to save humanity.

Speaker 2: Like I know it was, it was according to plan. It was an event that transpired

Speaker 5: as God had planned it from the beginning. Easter was not Plan B.

Speaker 2: It was planned. It was always God's plan for Jesus to die for us. You won't talk about the love of God when Adam was created, when God breathed the breath of life in the Adam's nostrils. God knew everything that would transpire from that moment forward. And yet God created humans anyways. Why is God so loved the world that he knew creating the atom meant giving his only begotten son, not his one and only son? Because, hey, you're looking at one of his sons, his only begotten son? He did that for us. He created mankind knowing what it would cost him. Jesus died and he was buried. I don't know about you, but I really don't care for funerals. Sadness that surrounds the passing of a friend or a loved one. Of course, if they were a believer, they had received the gospel, we don't sorrow for them, we sorrow for

Speaker 5: each other, for the family, for the separation that we have to deal with.

Speaker 2: Awkwardness, all of us feel we look at that body in a casket and we just think

Speaker 5: this isn't right. Don't you feel that this isn't right? This doesn't seem like this is how it should be.

Speaker 2: And you're right. Death is the result of the curse, and it was never supposed to be that way. We've all felt this. We're all familiar with these, these feelings. Now take that and try to project it onto the disciples.

Speaker 4: Here they are

Speaker 2: attending the burial of Jesus. At least aware of it. Won't talk about feeling lost. Can you imagine how wrong that must have felt watching Jesus be put into a tomb? This isn't right.

Speaker 5: This is the guy who who caused other people who were dead to come back to life. I mean, we watched him walk on water. We watched him heal countless diseases and infirmities. We we saw this man do the the miraculous. This isn't right for him to

Speaker 2: be going into the grave. And unfathomable disappointment they must have felt,

Speaker 5: and if Jesus story ended with his burial, then this would be the worst story

Speaker 2: ever. Wouldn't be the gospel gospel, of course, meaning good news. Instead, it would be let down in tragedy

Speaker 5: if if verse number four ends with and he was buried, then Christianity is the worst trick

Speaker 2: anyone has ever played.

Speaker 5: If the death and burial are all that there is, this is a story of loss.

Speaker 2: Paul says in just a few verses down that if Christ be not raised, if he was just dead, then your faith is in vain and you are still in your sins. If that's all there is, we are wasting our time here today. I'm sorry, but your Easter dress isn't that great. It's still a waste of time. We've got Cadbury eggs out there. But you know what? They're not that good. That's really not a good enough reason for us to be here. If Jesus stays dead, then the consequences are unthinkable. It means he was a liar. It means this church has no purpose. It means marriage has no deeper purpose.

Speaker 5: It means morality is a non-issue. Just go and live and drink and be merry. It means there is no hope after death. It's just the end. And if you can try to put yourself in the place of the disciples for three days, they thought this was the case. Their world was crumbling. You talk about getting tossed to and fro by life. They were in the midst of a hurricane.

Speaker 2: What discouragement they must have felt and think about this too. What elation his enemies must have felt?

Speaker 4: We got it.

Speaker 2: A lot of times we try to like, say it's Satan. Thought it was mean. Forget that the Pharisees thought we got it.

Speaker 5: We have finally shut his mouth. He won't have to. He won't cause us any more problems.

Speaker 2: Little did they know their problems were going to get exponentially worse. Because on that third day on Sunday morning, Jesus rose again. So it all begins with the facts of the story versus five through eight detail the historical reliability of this truth. Hundreds of people saw Jesus alive after the resurrection. This is too many people for it to be a conspiracy.

Speaker 5: Is this too many people for this to be some elaborate ruse that many people can't keep a secret? Somebody would have right a written, a tell all book.

Speaker 2: I take my three sons to go get Alicia, my wife a birthday Christmas present whatever I might as well mark it down. One of them is going to spill the beans.

Speaker 5: One of them's going to let the cat out of the bag

Speaker 2: and the early service. I said, Spill the cat. That's not right. It's not a it can't be a conspiracy,

Speaker 5: it's too many people for it to be a grief

Speaker 2: hallucination.

Speaker 5: The fact that all of them had the exact same hallucination that's

Speaker 2: that would be unprecedented in history. This is alive. It's the only reasonable explanation for what has happened.

Speaker 5: This fact separates him from any other savior figure in human history. Jesus resurrection demonstrates his ability to bring life from death. This is seen in the promise of a future bodily resurrection that we all hope to experience. One day, one of these days, I'm going to see Kenny Bacon again. He's not going to have a 96 year old body.

Speaker 2: He's going to have a brand new body. Your loved ones, my loved ones are going to be there. I've talked about my grandpa before died of muscular dystrophy. His muscles just absolutely wasted away. When I see him on the golden streets, he's not going to be in the scooter. He's going to be running. Think about your loved one,

Speaker 5: the resurrection that they are going to experience because of Jesus.

Speaker 2: But I digress. Because that's future. We're talking about right now,

Speaker 4: what

Speaker 5: what bearing does Jesus resurrection have on your life today?

Speaker 2: Well, which is harder to raise a physical body or to raise a spiritual one? You has? He quickened. Who were, you know, dead in trespasses and sins?

Speaker 5: We were dead in our sins, but when Jesus conquered death by raising from the grave, he had the power. He proved his power to raise us to spiritual new life.

Speaker 2: Because of Jesus resurrection, every one of us has the opportunity for new life. His resurrection makes this a message worth receiving, just as the Corinthians did in verse number one, they received the message of the gospel.

Speaker 5: And if Jesus is dead, this is not worth your time.

Speaker 2: But if he is alive, this is a message that you ought to really seriously consider. Receiving his resurrection proves he is trustworthy.

Speaker 5: Remember, he rose again the third day. What does it say to the universe? Number four, according to the Scriptures, just because his disciples didn't catch on to it doesn't mean that he had tried to tell them. God tells us that we can trust him just as they did

Speaker 2: trust him with your future. Trust him with today. Well, he says he will do he will do if God says to taste and see that the Lord is good and you can trust that he is good. His resurrection makes it possible for you to stand in the gospel, as they did back in verse number one. Remember the hopelessness of the disciples before Jesus between Jesus death and resurrection? They had

Speaker 5: no hope. They had shattered dreams. They were experiencing defeat. And yet all those things were traded in for triumph and celebration and new life.

Speaker 2: Jesus rose again. We can trust

Speaker 5: that Jesus will do the same to our lives. He gives us stability when we face a hopeless situation that appears to spell certain defeat for us.

Speaker 2: His resurrection ultimately makes it possible for you to be saved, saved from a life and an eternity without Jesus. You don't want to face either of those without him, life or eternity. We need Jesus for both life without Jesus.

Speaker 5: Even if you gained all

Speaker 2: that this world has to offer. It wouldn't be worth it.

Speaker 4: You got everything,

Speaker 2: the clothes, the cars, the property,

Speaker 5: the friends, the relationship, you had everything, you

Speaker 2: didn't have Jesus. And it wasn't worth it. An eternity without Jesus is an eternity of torment and separation. But thanks to Easter, what we're celebrating today. Death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. You and I don't have to live this life without him.

Speaker 5: You and I don't have to face the next

Speaker 2: life without him this morning here at the Baptist Tabernacle, not just me. I'm not going to shy away from saying this, but I am bold in saying I speak for the members of this church. Hundreds of Christians that maybe some of them have invited you here today to say, Listen, we want to invite you to receive

Speaker 5: this same gospel

Speaker 2: that

Speaker 5: Paul received, the Corinthians received that we have received.

Speaker 2: We want to commend it to you as well.

Speaker 5: It is worthy of reception. It is good to bring stability to your life. It is not just the by and by. It's the here and now.

Speaker 2: See, our Jesus is good. He loves you. He died and rose again for you. You specifically were on his heart. He hung on that cross through this gospel. He wants to give you stability. Most importantly, he wants to save you from the penalty of your sins and a life without him. All you have to do is receive it. They believe it's true and receive it for yourself. The Heavenly Father, we thank you for this day. Thank you for the good attention of the folks that are here. Thank you for the opportunity we have to celebrate your son to declare his gospel the gospel of peace. What? I pray that today you would use your Holy Spirit to work in our hearts. If there's a Christian that's here today that is not standing in your gospel, not applied it to their daily life, Lord, I pray that today they would take advantage of the benefits that you have afforded to them through Jesus. Lord, if there's someone here this morning that has never received you as their savior, I pray that today would be the day that they would accept your free gift of salvation. They would come before you and say and say something like this. God, no, I'm a sinner. I know you died for my sins. Lord, I want to receive the forgiveness salvation that you offer. Lord, I pray that you would work during this time and God that no one would be timid or afraid of what others would think of them, or too proud to respond to your offer to them in Jesus name that I ask these things. Amen.

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