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A traditional church that is passionate about loving our community to the gospel.

Welcome to Collinsville!

We love our town and the people that live here. With housing permits doubling there are more people moving to Collinsville than ever before. We want everyone to have a positive experience living here, so we've compiled a list of our favorite resources to share with you.

The charm of a small town within driving distance of all that Tulsa has to offer!

Community Resources

Hold and drag

Dividing Bread

Local Food Pantry

the Mission

Community Assistance

Light of Hope

Addiction Recovery Help

Pregnancy Resource Center

Help for the unexpected

Refuge Community Center

Safe Teen Hangout

Fun for the kids

Hold and drag

Tulsa Zoo

They have animals!


Family-Friendly Bowling

Gathering Place

#1 Park in America

Wheels and Thrills

Skating, Arcade, & More!


Hold and drag

Grace Baptist Church

Fireside Baptist Church

Maranatha Baptist Temple

Other helpful things

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Collinsville City Government

City Information

Collinsville Public Schools

Helpful source for info

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