What to expect

A traditional church that is passionate about loving our community to the gospel.

Our values


We are passionate about community.

None of us are designed to go through this life alone.  Our smaller size enables newcomers to make faster connections with church members and leadership. We aren't interested in shallow, meaningless relationships. We pursue authentic bonds that enable us to share life with one another.


We are motivated by love.

We love each other; we love our city. Everything we do is motivated and energized by this love. Whether you are a long-time member or a first-time guest, we are confident that you will sense the love of God at work in our church community.


We are focused on the gospel.

The gospel is about more than changing our eternal destination; the gospel is about changing our entire life. We have witnessed this life-changing power, and we want others to experience it as well. While other churches are committed to preserving an institution, we are committed to advancing a movement. A movement of the gospel.

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