A group of believers

began meeting in the spring of 1955 in the home of Loyce (Cuck) and Billie Banks. The church was started by Tulsa Baptist Temple and organized into Collinsville Baptist Tabernacle on June 12 in the backyard of Harold and Coleene Clark’s home. There were 38 present for the first Sunday School. Don McCullough was called to be the first pastor.

One of the men borrowed money to purchase land at 19th and Maple. Although no papers were signed committing anyone to make payments, six men paid their part every pay day. When one man moved, another man finished the part. The church broke ground for the small building in August of the same year. The men did the majority of the work on that building. The auditorium and Sunday School building was built in 1957. In 1974, the church members voted to call Gary Cate as the fifth pastor of the Baptist Tabernacle. The church experienced steady growth under his leadership at this location over the next several decades.

In September 2002, the church moved into the building on 136th and Highway 169. The Lord is continuing to work here at the Baptist Tabernacle. After 40 years of leadership, Pastor Cate retired in June of 2014. The church is currently pastored by a young man named Gary Boyd. Now, more than ever, it is essential for the Baptist Tabernacle to continue it's mission to reach out to our community and to the rest of the world with the light of the gospel.